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Welcome to the website dedicated to the development of relationships between Charles University and Czechoslovak Republic (and its successor states) in the past one hundred years.

Our country’s history is tightly linked with the history of Charles University and vice versa. Students, professors and graduates of the CU have influenced the events in the country, and conversely, historic milestones had a specific impact on events at the University.

Charles University therefore proudly recognises its contribution to the emergence of the Czechoslovak and Czech statehood and its promotion of freedom, humanism and democracy.

The year 2018 in the Czech Republic will be associated primarily with the centenary of the independence of the Czechoslovak Republic. Charles University will commemorate this historic event not only with events such as an international conference of chancellors, a gathering in the Great Hall of the Karolinum and a gala concert, but also with exhibitions, roundtables, lectures, commented tours, contests for students and multimedia outputs that will shed light on numerous historical connections between the Republic and the University.

This year is not only the Republic’s major anniversary. Charles University will celebrate the 670th anniversary of its foundation in April (7 April 1348).

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