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  • Roundtables and series of lectures on “Figure Eight Anniversaries”

Roundtables and series of lectures on “Figure Eight Anniversaries”

The project of roundtables and a series of lectures will inform the general public about interesting and current topics related to the independence of the Czechoslovak Republic and other important moments of Czechoslovak statehood: the crisis of 1938, the communist coup in February 1948, the intervention of Warsaw Pact armies in August 1968, and the final years of the communist regime (1988).

Selected guests at the roundtables will debate with those interested among the public and seek inspiring perspectives on the topics discussed. The project strives for promotion of civil society's values, being aware of the fact that academia has to play a fundamental role in fostering democracy and freedom. The principal feature of the roundtables is their openness, allowing the public to debate with exceptional guests about issues of our past and present in an environment of free academic premises.

Topics of the roundtables:

  • World War One and Independence of Czechoslovakia (1914–1918)

  • The Tragic Year 1938: Czechoslovakia and Europe on the Eve of World War Two

  • February 1948: The Start of the Path to Communist Totalitarianism

  • The Hope That Failed: Czechoslovakia in 1968

  • From Late Totalitarianism to Democracy: Czechoslovakia (Czech Republic) in 1988–1993

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