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Commented tours of university buildings and institutions

Each part of Charles University, notably its faculties and scientific institutions, has developed in connection with the formation of the Czech statehood and, in most cases, they immediately reacted to important historical moments (First Republic enthusiasm, Czech-German conflicts before World War One, efforts of the communist regime to reform the university system, etc.). The commented tours will introduce the general public to the development of Charles University in Prague since 1918 and connect the historic and scientific profiling of the academic environment with its social and civic dimensions.

The goal is to introduce selected university institutions and inform interested visitors about both their history and their current activity and purpose. It will be a unique opportunity to obtain information about the formation of the university system as a firm component of Czechoslovak society. At the same time, visitors will learn about the ideological concepts of education in the course of modern Czech history. The event is intended for every generation, wishing to attract pupils, students and future applicants for university study.

27–28 October 2018

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