Children’s day

The children’s day is meant to use a playful form to draw children and youth to the First Republic period and other times of modern Czech history. Visitors will see a presentation of legionary tradition in the First Republic (uniforms, weapons, etc.), learn about First Republic fashion and acquire skills and learn about their grandparents’ lives: typing on a typewriter, use of a sewing machine, spinning wheel (difference between urban and rural life).

The accompanying programme will include live music, puppet theatre and an art workshop (Dášeňka-themed, colouring in illustrations by First Republic artists). The event will include a game in central Prague for parents and children inspired by the work of Karel Čapek. The objective of the event is to inform children in a fun and educative way about important moments of modern Czech history. The creative workshops, theatre performance and game in central Prague will provide the children with desirable information and an overview of events.

28 September 2018

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