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  • Exhibition of major insignia of Charles University

Exhibition of major insignia of Charles University

This exceptional exhibition, to take place in the Imperial Hall of the Karolinum, will present both the older history of Charles University and, above all, the new faculties and university disciplines that emerged after 1918.

On an example of university and faculty insignia, the exhibition intends to demonstrate the formation of university symbolism, present the designs and artistic concepts of the insignia and point out their ideological background. Visitors will be able to form an idea about the tight link between the University and the historic developments, such as the recent loss of a part of the University insignia and archives.

The objective is to introduce artistic and historic artefacts representing the history and present of Charles University and, simultaneously, use the insignia as an example for documenting the tight link between the development of the university environment and the history of the Czechoslovak state.

1 December 2018 – 31 January 2019

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