Festival: “The First Republic”

The festival is designed as a commemoration of the First Republic atmosphere, which is why it is conceived as a period dance hall. The programme will be divided into three parts: the morning and afternoon programme will be in a historic spirit, complete with old cars, refreshment stalls and a beer trail with people wearing First Republic costumes, and children’s workshops. The evening part will be reserved for band concerts.

The main programme will be accompanied by additional activities, such as scenic reading, a period cinema showing old Czech films, and a swing dance hall. Throughout the day, visitors will be able to participate in a quiz contest. The quiz stations will ask questions on history, and completion of tasks and a contest sheet will be followed by a prize draw.

The festival has the ambition to point out period facts and the heyday of Czech culture and education during the First Republic. In addition to entertainment, it has educational objectives and attempts at introducing visitors to the history and life of modern Czech society.

The event is intended for the general public and is divided in terms of topics and time for each group to find a suitable activity. The morning programme is primarily intended for families with children; the afternoon aims at students and partner couples; and the evening will offer performances by music bands.

15 September 2018

Co-organised by Charles University and CU First Faculty of Medicine

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